Wireless Charging Pros and Cons

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Wireless Charging Pros and Cons

A few things to consider before you decide if this technology is a good fit for you. Wireless charging comes with many perks. But it also has some downsides most sellers of charging pads won’t talk about.


  • Very convenient: no need to plug/unplug charging cable.
  • Especially handy when you answer calls: just pick up your phone with no strings attached.
  • Tidier desktop: a transmitter pad looks better than a dangling cable and does not fall off the counter.
  • No risk of electric shock due to exposed charging cable ends.
  • There are no mechanical moving parts involved which can break like charging cables often do.
    Inexpensive. Most charging pads and stands cost less than $30


  • Charging takes around 25% longer compared to cable charging.
  • If you restart your phone or install a new operating system, it´s much safer to use old-school cord-charging.
  • The receiver and transmitter must be well aligned due to the very short operational range.
  • Potential issues when using or changing your phone case. If too thick, wireless charging might stop working.
  • Risk of heat damage: some chargers generate a significant amount of heat during charging.


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